stained glass may not be just in churches

Tiffany Technique in Modern Concept

How to make stained glass art

Most people know the concept of stained glass like windows in churches and cathedrals. This though is a very old technique. People were not able to make such a large glass works in one piece. That's why the glassmakers made window's from smaller pieces, putting them together using wihtlead profiles. This was how the glassmaker could make a window of any size. They used coloured window pains and created lovely patterns. Later on, the glass started to be painted. They painted glass with powdered pigments, and such painted glass was burned in the oven, where the powder and glass melted in one piece and created a connection forever. Coloured glass is produced by adding metal to clear glass. The cost of each glass depends on what kind of metal is used. For example, red and pink glasses are created by the addition of pure gold. This is why they are the most expensive glasses. For a long time nobody could make blue glass. The first success in creating blue glass was by Czech glassmakers, and they started to export blue glass to the whole of Europe.

How stained glass is made by using the Tiffany technique

step by step

Stained glass was used in Art Nouveau often and started to be part of both, rich houses or public ones. Great role in this development had Louis C. Tiffany. He started connecting tiny pieces of glass and made beautiful lamps. Tiffany´s technique is still used even today. Colourful pieces of glass are wrapped in copper tape and bonded together with tin.

a lamp manufactured by the company  Louis C. Tiffany
a lamp manufactured by the company Louis C. Tiffany